How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer Season?

Skin Care Tips to Follow This Summer

Warm weather brings a whole slew of skin-care challenges and questions like, “Do I really have to moisturize even if it’s 100 degrees out and my face feels oily?”

Are you the one who loves life on beaches?

A solid routine should be applicable to all seasons and all climates.
Summer is a trying time for your skin. The blazing sun and the scorching heat can be unforgiving, especially to your skin. Pollution and other environmental contaminants take away your skin’s natural radiance, leaving it oily, dull, and blemished. Read on to understand how summer changes the quality of your skin and what you can do to hold on to that radiant and healthy skin.

How Does Summer Affect Your Skin?

An increase in temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity and heat, can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. This makes oily skin appear oilier and dry skin appears rough and patchy. The intensity of the sun’s rays also causes tanning by producing more melanin pigments. While everyone is aware that more melanin means darker skin, few relate sunburned skin with aging and cancer. The heat can also cause more pores to open, which can get clogged with dirt and oil, trapping bacteria, causing acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face.

How to Take Care of Your Skin in the Summer Season? This is what you can do to take care of your skin this summer:

Do A Compulsory Change In Your Skin Care Products – Facewash, Toner and Moisturiser.

Every season demands different types of skincare products. When you move from one season to another, always remember to change your face wash, toner, and moisturizer. During winters, your skin is drier thus you need full nourishment in every product you use for your skin, as a result, your facewashes are cream-based which makes your skin supple but on the contrary in summers, you need a light face wash with a gel base that can draw out the dirt, impurities and excess oil from your skin. You can always go for products with a fruit base, tea tree, or aloe vera.

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Even if your skin is dry in summers then again this product will nourish as well as clean your skin. Some products that come with cooling effects are also in. Also, you need to clean your face with plain water plenty of times during the day to keep your skin clean and refreshed. Sweating always contains the harmful germ and is always bad for your skin. So if, you work outdoors keep on cleaning your face and applying toner and moisturizer.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated, Cut Down on Makeup and Lighten up your skin-care routine.

During summer season it is hard to carry any makeup. Also makeup is very harmful for your skin. You should lighten up on the makeup and I suggest not to use at all. Do not go for makeups that gurantee no sweat. But you can try minimal facial makeup to allow the skin to breathe in a proper way. As makeup cover your pores as a result the environmental humidity and summer heat suppress the skin’s ability to breathe. Skin will look like more stressful than other days. It is wise to avoid anything heavy on the face. Instead of makeup such as foundation, concealers you need to use a summer moisturiser, aloe vera lip balm, and some light eye makeup. You will look more beautiful, young than ever. It is time for your skin to rest.

Also In summer your skin requires moisture as well as hydration. If you do not get time to apply any face mask or face pack you can Invest in a good hydrating mask which you use a couple of times a week even on your flights or travelling. I love Innisfree facemaks which come in variety of combinations. My favourite one is of aloevera. When I am travelling via plane I just wash my face first and apply the mask as directed at night to repair, rehydrate, and soothe your skin. When I land to my destination my skin looks so young than ever. Thus A face mask can treat specific skin conditions like dryness, acne, oil, etc.

Choose the appropriate mask as per your skin type and spend those 10 extra minutes on wiping away the stress, fatigue, and blemishes from your skin. In the summer, your skin-care routine may need to be a little more lightweight. The heat and humidity of summer mean you can swap out a heavy creams, body oils, etc.

Exfoliation Is Necessary For Bright, Supple and Smooth Skin

Summer months are prone to more skin problems because of climate change, humidity and excess sweating. Thus, Exfoliation is the key to clear, supple, brighter and smoother skin in summers. Exfoliation not only keeps your skin breathing but also stop skin aging and pilling up of dead cells as well as dirt. This dirt clogs the pores as a result prevents the skin from breathing. It hinders skin glow.

My favourite exfoliater which is easy to make and carry.

There are plenty of products available in the market but I love to exfoliate with my favorite homemade natural home exfoliator which is made up of coffee powder, brown sugar, honey, and few drops of milk. It will give you an instant glow on your skin. It is easy to carry if you are a travel blogger or traveling to someplace. Just buy small sachets of coffee, brown sugar, and honey. Instead of regular milk, you can add milk powder.

Always keep in mind that summers effects not only your face but also your body so you have to exfoliation your entire body and not just your face.

Always be gentle while exfoliating your skin and do not over-exfoliate because your skin will get bruised or use exfoliators with big granuales. You will end up in tearing your fine skin.

Above exfoliator is best for people with sensitive skin.

Stop using moisturizing completely.

What does it mean? Yes do not use moisturizer on your face but try some other alternatives such as rose water, aloe vera gel, tea tree serum or some other gel based moisturizers. When we apply creams they tend to gather on the upper skin and instead of giving you benefits they resulted in acne or blemishes.

I am the one who gets acne whenever I apply a fine layer of cream or moisturizer on my face. I believe there are many gals like me.

Despite the weather being bad, hot, and humid, you still need to moisturize. Even if your skin already feels oily, you should always follow cleansing with a moisturizer. Use tea tree serum instead.

Moisturizers protect and heal your outermost layer of the skin, which further protects from harmful pollutants and chemicals and prevents further irritation or dryness. But moisturizers always does not have to be in cream form. A lightweight texture will help keep that outer layer nourished without feeling too heavy on your skin.

Go for dual-purpose moisturizer regime.

SPF play an important role to protect your skin from the harmful effects. Thus, sunscreen should be your best friend during summer days. You should choose a sunscreen that has a broad ultraviolet spectrum somewhere between 30-50 SPF is enough and should also covers UVA and UVB rays. As all of you know you should at least 20 minutes before stepping out in the sun. My personal opinion is to apply while sitting in AC, cooler or fan. Reapply every three hours if you are spending all day in the sun. Make sure to cover your hands, feet, shoulders, and neck as well.

There are sunscreens with dual properties, some come with foundation base and some with other bases such as aloe vera or tea tree. You can find the best suited to you. Now, you have to ditch those heavy cold creams and shea butter laden SPF Creams for a lighter moisturiser. Do not be under the misunderstanding that your skin requires no SPF in the summer. Skin care in summer calls for a non-greasy product that suits the weather.

Sun screen for Lips.

You might be surprised to know that our lips also need skin protection but we always forget to cover our lips. After doing a lot of research I have found sunscreen for lips which not only protects my lipe from darkening but also keeps them hydrated all the time. It is an American product and luckily available on our store too. It gives you a tingeling effect. You can buy this product from our store at the following link.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C is always great for your entire body not only for skin. Adding a vitamin C serum to your skincare regime will give an everlasting glow. Vitamin C helps prevent hyperpigmentation, improves the appearance of fine lines, and can help with collagen production. You can apply Vitamin C serum’s few drops on your skin between cleansing and moisturizer.

Use of Toner As a Healthy Habit

After cleansing your skin, the application of toner is necessary to close the open pores. Thus, using a good toner will help your skin to be in good condition always. It is scientifically proven than open pores tend to get more skin problems. Use a tea tree oil serum, cucumber, or aloe vera based toner which is light and refreshing.

Take Special Care of the Eye Region

Eyes are stressed because of sun light. No doubt you have to wear shades while in sun but at home you can always rely on eye packs which could be simple ice pack, cucumber or honey. You will feel the goodness of these packs within seconds. They not only give you relief from after effects of sun but also helps in your sleep. Dark circles and wrinkles are also result of summer scrotching heats.

Remember to Take Care of Your Feet And Hands

We always forget these two important parts of our body which help us in everything we do. Thus you have to Exfoliate, tone and moisturize the feet and hands. There are plenty of options available which you can try at home. I love VLCC pedicure kit to clean my feet and Glysomed (A canadian brand) hand cream. I always keep them moist after washing. Use a good handcream and sunscreen on your feet as well as on your hands. While stepping out you should cover them properly.

Hydration Hydration Hydration

Most of the people talk about water to keep your body hydrate, but I believe you cannot always drink plane water. There are plenty of other options available in the market and at home. Go for juicy fruits such as watermelon, mango or papaya. Instead of wate drink butter milk, juice, lemon water. Your body will also get water from these sources as well. Water is the most important ingredient in healthy skin tissue so you need to drink as much as you can. Water keeps your skin supple, soft, and bright. It is also very crucial for your kidney health as to flush the toxins out from the skin through sweat and urine.

Use Kitchen Hacks

Our skin is what we eat throughout the day. Market is flooded with an Exclusive skin care products that work well for a lot of people. But an ideal way to main a healthy skin is in your own kitchen. There are plenty of fruits and other ingredients that act as the best facial cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. Common kitchen ingredients make for the best home remedies in summer. You can always rely on black channa powder, oatmeal, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coffee grounds, potatoes, tomatoes grated cucumber, plain yoghurt, and sea salt can be used as skin care products in the summer.

Stay in the shade or indoors.

Above all the ideal formula to avoid the summer effects to stay in shade. Try not to go in direct sun exposure. Schedule your work accordingly. Never go to beaches or for a walk at the peak hours that is 10 am to 4 pm because sun rays have more damaging effects during this period of time. If there is some urgency you can always use an umbrella, wearing an extra-large hat to avoid midday sun exposure.

Most of the experts focus on to wear sun-protective clothing, wide-brim hats,long-sleeve shirt, and sunglasses in the sun and always be mindful to expose as little of your body as possible to direct sunlight. Always carry a cooling mist spray (which can be made at home by extracting cucumber juice and mixing it with rose water and mint) with you. Spray it on every few hours to keep your skin cool and hydrated.

Enjoy Summers 🙂